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Enjoy Windows 10 New Features that You’ll Love

Windows 10 – It’s Time to Get the Smartest Windows OS

Finally the buzz has come to an end with the release of Windows 10. It’s not only the most awaited OS for Microsoft, but for users as well. Now it’s available in all parts of the world for every individual user. This new OS has the capabilities to empower your digital devices so that they can perform amazing things. It has all those features which will make it a good choice for the users in long run. If you’re Windows 7/8 user and thinking of why you should upgrade your OS, here are few impressive features about Windows 10 which will make you fall in love with it:

Inbuilt Apps

This is a big wow factor of Windows 10 that it is equipped with pre-installed apps. The app list includes Internet Explorer, productivity software, Skype, Xbox, shopping apps, social media apps, fresh paint, etc. on its unified interface. It’s designed for computers as well as for smart devices like tablets. This smart Windows is there in new incarnation and features.

Tech Support

Microsoft is giving its complete support for this version of the OS so that users don’t face any complication while dealing with it. Not only Microsoft, but tech support companies are also offering their full support to the Windows users if they are facing any error with the installation process or upgrading it from its predecessors.


It’s very a impressive function of Windows 10 as it has bridged the gap of types of digital devices using for communication or processing information. Cortona really acts as your personal assistant for your digital devices and your experience with them. It helps you to access your data and information on any device irrespective of you’re on the device or not. This feature is committed to simplify your data and device management and devoted to become more with every passing day.

Microsoft Edge Technology for Fast Browsing

It’s a matter of seconds to get online with Microsoft’s Edge technology. It’s very easy to get on the web if you want to navigate something, or download any application or upload your work. This technology gives you liberty to write straight to a web page and share your own work with your friends and others. It also allows you to share your marked mark ups with others and read information or documents without any problem.

Also, there are other features which are very useful and productive grab the user’s attention like Snap windows, Continum, etc. to make it a part of your system and also of life.

Up-gradation Steps of Windows 10

Tech experts can reserve your copy and they will send you notification after successful installation. If you don’t want to upgrade, you can cancel the process at any instant.

To reserve your copy, follow the below stated steps:

  1. A Windows icon is there at the right end of the taskbar, click on it to start the process.

  2. In the app window, click on the option ‘Reserve your free upgrade.
  3. Now confirm your reservation by entering your email.

A notification will be sent to you once the upgrade is ready and you can upgrade your OS instantly or later according to your choice.

It’s a free upgrade for genuine Windows 7/8 users on PC and tablets only. For mobile phones this upgrade will be available later this year.

If after following these instructions, you are not able to upgrade the windows 10 from your older version on your system and Ugly little boxes give you error messages, means - your PC is on the verge of breakdown. This is where you become helpless and look tech support for windows.

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