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Learn How to Upgrade Windows 7

Windows 7 Operating System Upgrade Steps:

Please makes sure that your files are safely backup that you do not; get irrecoverably overwritten during updation and have windows 7 installation key because without it you will not be able to update your earlear operating system.

Step 1

Insert or load your Windows 7 DVD/USB and boot from it. It will now load the setup files.

Step 2

Choose your language, time & currency format, keyboard or input method and tap on Next.

Step 3

Tap on Install now. On the Get important updates for installation page, we recommend getting the latest updates to help ensure a successful installation, and to help protect your computer against security threats

Step 4

Tap on I accept the license terms and press Next.

Step 5

Tap Upgrade option to upgrade your older Windows version.

Step 6

Now the setup will start upgrading Windows 7. The first step, Copying Windows files will complete instantly.

Step 8

Prompt error message

If after following the instruction, you are not able to upgrade the windows 7 from your older version on your system and Ugly little boxes give you error messages, means - your PC is on the verge of breakdown. This is where you become helpless and look tech support for windows.

So don’t go anywhere or wasting time in taking to the repair shop. Just call us and get whole solution for upgrade of windows 7 on your computer.

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